This is me - Hamlet Janinyan: I am representing a brief story of my life.

Who am I ?

I am Hamlet Janinyan, sculptor & painter, I was born and raised in Vanadzor, Armenia. I have graduated from Fine Arts College Panos Terlemezian in Yerevan, Armenia, qualified as Sculptor and Painter.

2008-2013 I was enrolled in Arts school Stephan Aghajanyan as Sculpture and Painting instructor in Vanadzor, Armenia. I have chiseled a wide range of different sculptures, cross stones for public and personal purposes.

My goal is to create striking images and sculptures that touch the viewer emotionally. I depend upon composition, simplicity, shape and contrast, as well as my own aesthetic sense.

I love the many challenges of stone sculpture whether it is marble, granite, alabaster, onyx marble, rose quartz or petrified wood.

I also love to paint. I love the whole artistic process. Painting for me is about making myself happy with the end product. I am enjoying when other people enjoy what I do.

My portfolio contains images from my travels around the Armenian Republic, Russian Federation and Georgia.